Many of our team are spending much of the weeks away from home this week as we have a busy schedule with new installations, upgrades, sales demonstrations and supplier meetings.  That said, the heart of the business our customer service team on the help desk, will be on deck and delivering the excellent service for which we are known.

Here is some of what we have scheduled for this week:

  1. Hardware upgrades on some in-house gear to help boost the productivity of our team.
  2. Finalisation of a new help desk role for our team, specialising in Mandarin language support for our customers.
  3. The overdue release of several new advice sheets.
  4. Repackaging of end of financial year advice, specially around reporting and stock taking.
  5. Meeting with a key newsagent supplier on new EDI initiatives.
  6. Strategic planning for the second half of 2011.

While there is doom and gloom in the press about retail, we are not seeing this based on sales and other business development activity here at Tower Systems.