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Using a Security System to Cut Retail Theft

With the prevalence and cost of theft in retail by employees and customers remaining high, more retailers are looking for smarter solutions to address the scourge.

A camera system integrated with your Point of Sale software is ideal in that it directly marries Point of Sale software register activity with visual evidence of what was happening at the same time.

By connection vision of what happens at the sales counter and other key activvity points in a retail business with transactions put through the Point of sale software, the business owner has access to valuable data which could show:

  1. Sales being canceled and cash being pocketed by the employee.
  2. Fraudulent activity around receiving goods into the business.
  3. Theft during the end of shift process.
  4. Fraud by a customer in handling change during a sale transaction.
  5. Inappropriate discounts being given to customers.
  6. Sales being deleted to build a pool of ‘unrecorded’ cash available for theft.
  7. Items being deleted from a sale during the sale process and thereby freeing ‘unrecorded’ cash for theft.

Connecting your Point of Sale software with a camera based security system could provide the evidence which is essential to capture and prosecution of people responsible for stealing from your retail business.

Tower Systems offers an integrated smart security solution for retail businesses.  It has been used successfully in the detection or retail employees engaged in criminal activity against their employers.  We have experts on our team who can and do help retailers cut the cost of theft.


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  1. Retail Security

    13 June, 2011 at 8:47 PM

    Retail theft and shop lifting is a serious crime that sometimes can lead to permanent shut down of the store. This has to be stopped for proper business. The best is to implement retail security systems so that store owner can see and track the activities going on in store and can restrict shop lifting.


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