One of the best steps a retail business can take to better manage inventory is to order stock through their Point of Sale software.

Such orders will be based on factual information rather than gut feel. Their existence in the POS Software databases will make receiving the supplied goods into the business much easier than if the orders were placed manually, outside the software.

Ordering using your Point of Sale software takes time and effort to achieve. However, once achieved the result will be a reliable and valuable inventory database which will feed other valuable business decisions.

Here at tower Systems we are focused on helping our retail partners to use their Point of Sale software as a total business solution rather than a glorified cash register. This is one reason so many blog posts here are about practical use of the software … we want to encourage, guide and lead our customers to truly use their software.

We have seen retailers migrate from manual ordering to electronic ordering and shrink inventory investment by as much as 20% along the way. This capital investment saving is in addition to valuable time saving thanks to the elimination of manual and error prone processes.

The Tower Systems Help Desk team can help retailers migrate to electronic ordering.