It is easy for software companies to hide from their responsibilities to their customers.  The most common way this is done is through a poorly managed and resourced Help Desk.

The easiest way to assess the level of responsibility a software company accepts for its customer service is the accessibility of the owners or senior managers.

Here at Tower Systems we believe in accountability to our customers.  We demonstrate this by publishing on our website, in our weekly emails and on our print newsletter direct contact details with key management people in the organisation.  This is our proof, proof that we are accountable for the service the company provides.

By publishing these details so widely, the senior management of the company accept responsibility:

Our help desk is always your first port of call. If you are unhappy with progress please escalate to our Customer Service Manager (03 9524 8000). If you are unhappy with their response please contact our General Manager.
General Manager: Gavin Williams 03 9524 8000
Managing Director: Mark Fletcher 0418 321 338

We know that a software company is only as good, in the eyes of many, to the last support call.