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Steps For Cutting Retail Theft by Employees and Customers

The risk of capture is a big deterrent to any type of theft. This is especially true in retail where customer and employee theft can hurt a business financially and emotionally in a short space of time.

Anyone who thinks they may get caught is far less likely to attempt theft. This is what police and retail theft experts around the world say. It reinforces the value of a professional, properly setup and fully utilised theft management solution in a any retail business.

Thanks to smart theft management tools and our integrated security camera system, Tower Systems is able to help retailers cut the cost of theft by enabling a reliable in-store deterrent.

Shoppers and employees are regularly reminded in a number of ways that the business is monitored, cash and inventory are watched and processes are followed to reduce the opportunity for theft without arrest. From the obvious in-store monitors to more subtle ways, the presence of monitoring and possible theft tracking helps retailers to cut the cost of theft.

We have been working in the theft management space for many years with retailers. Our latest retail theft management tools continue the evolution and deliver best practice to our retail customers regardless of size or business niche.

Using our theft management tools, retailers using our Point of Sale software are able to better manage their businesses and cut theft at the same time. The two goals go hand in hand.

From the sales counter to the back office and on the shop floor we track activity and connect this with actions in our Point of Sale software. At the sales counter, for example, we lay transaction details over vision from the security cameras. This can be vital in helping prosecutors build a case against an employee as is provides a court with another item of evidence which is not open to speculation.

Theft can kill a retail business. Here at Tower Systems our goal is to help our retailers to cut theft to the barest minimum. In addition to excellent software can an integrated camera system for achieving this, we provide regular training and assistance in this area.


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  1. Hi, I work for a retail store in a shopping centre and I’m aware that another employee has been stealing significant amounts of goods from the company, I’ve walked past the stockroom (in a different section of the centre from the actual store) and saw him pass bags of stock to someone not part of the employee team on several occasions however I haven’t said anything because I’m scared to get involved and it’s basically my word against his if I were to bring it the attention of the managers, besides he’s worked for the company as a full-timer for much longer than I have and I’m just a casual so it seems that everyone would generally just trust him more than me however I recently noticed that there’s a surveillance camera near the stockroom door where he passes the goods over to his friend, I’m not actually sure if the angle captures what’s happening but if I were to mention it to a manager, would they be able to ask centre management for footage to see if anything dodgy is going on? Are these cameras monitored constantly and if security sees something fishy, will they contact the retail store to tell them or do they just make a note of it and mention the matter if the retail store asked? I’ve discussed it with another workmate and we’re both scared to come forward but if he’s stealing stock then there may be a chance that he’ll steal from the bags of other staff members when their bags are unattended.


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