Our Tower Systems Point of Sale software provides access to a suite of supplier related performance reports, enabling accurate tracking of the performance of suppliers in any kind of retail business.

It is vitally important that retailers track supplier performance accurately. Too often, supplier representatives are strong on talk and weak on facts and this can see retailers buying product which has not worked or is unlikely to work.

By facilitating easy supplier performance reporting, we are helping retailers deal with the facts when talking with suppliers. If the facts, as shown in business performance data, show that a range from a supplier is not performing then the retailer can hold the supplier to account.

Without such facts, the retailer is left to compete with supplier representatives more or less on hearsay.

We have seen retailers successfully negotiate a better price when they were able to prove that a new line was not moving as fast as the supplier had claimed it would.

We have also seen situations where a retailer has ordered additional stock based on the hard evidence in our Point of sale software reports when they had planned to not order, thinking that the range in question was not selling.

We will happily work with any supplier keen to develop stronger and more valuable reporting facilities for their retail partners, especially where there are unique reporting requirements and opportunities for the particular category.