For many years we have offered the ability for retailers to produce advertisements, coupons and other collateral in customer sales receipts. Our Point of Sale software serves the coupons and advertisements according to criteria established and maintained by the retail business.

We recently saw an excellent example of the value of using receipts to drive sales in a retail business. This client, a newsagency, included a special offer of 25% off the purchase of greeting cards if purchased within a few hours of the just processed sale.

The coupons were included on sales of only certain products. The retailer was keen to see if they could affect the behaviour of customers and break with usual buying traditions.

During one day, just over one hundred coupons offering the 25% off greeting cards were served to customers, as part of their sale receipt.

By the end of the day, 45 coupons had been redeemed. Greeting card sales for the day were just over double the usual number. Some customers purchased three or more cards.

For no cost at all, the newsagent was able to leverage existing traffic to increase greeting card sales by more than 50% for a 25% discount off retail. Their margin on each card sold was still close to 50%.

This is just one example of many samples we hear about where retailers have used marketing tools in our Point of Sale software drive sales efficiency from existing customers.

Tower Systems helps its retail partners by developing coupons for printing on receipts. We can do this thanks to our full time in-house graphic designer.