After the ash cloud disruption last week with Tasmanian installations delayed and some other team members unable to travel due to cloud disruption, this week already looks better.  We have a busy week ahead with a number of activities including (but not limited to):

  1. Beta release of Point of Sale software update.  This is a sizeable update, packed with enhancements, many of which were requested by users through our Software Ideas facility.
  2. Getting in the thick of the rush to install upgrades and new installations prior to June 30.
  3. Further company-wide planning for the next six months of development work.
  4. Helping many of our customers plan for and undertake stock takes.
  5. Running four free online training workshops.

The week is only a few hours old and already it is busy.  The Help Desk team is busy with calls an dispensing advice in the usual Monday morning rush.