Here are three valuable and easy to implement ways retailers are using our Tower Systems Point of Sale software to reduce labour costs for their businesses:

  1. Full stock control including reordering. By eliminating manual processes around placing orders for replenishment stock, retailers are able to, in one place and at one time, accurately create orders based on business performance data.  This sets the business up to save time on bringing the stock in.  It also improves accuracy.  However, the key benefit is in what is ordered.  By ordering based on business activity (sales) the business do working based on success rather than gut feel. A business switching ot ordering from within their Point of sale system can expect to free up cash by reducing non-performing stock.  It will also save time on the roster through use of automated processes replacing manual paper based processes.
  2. Customer management including accounts and loyalty. Through computer based customer accounts and loyalty management, the retail business is able to transact with customers accurately, in a timely manner and in a way which puts customers first.  Generating monthly customer statements, for example, could take a few minutes whereas manual processes could take many hours and face challenges with accuracy.
  3. Fact assisted decision making.  Too many retail businesses spend too much time spinning their wheels pursuing decisions because they are not using business facts to feed these decisions.  All to often we see poor business decisions made based on emotion and or ignorance rather than historical business data.  Replace the error prone and fact-less approach with a fact based approach and a business will soon find that decisions are more right than wrong.  Retail businesses can bank on the results.

These are just three of the ways in which our Point of Sale software is helping more than 2,000 small business retailers across Australia to improve the management of their businesses, streamline processes and drive more efficient allocation of labour resources.

Tower Systems serves retailers right across Australia as well as in New Zealand, the Cook Islands, Fiji and Papua New Guinea.