We have recently seen more evidence of unfair support fees in the Point of Sale software space.  One retailer showed us an invoice for more than $3,000 for a year of software support coverage.  A nearby retailer showed us an invoice from the same company for the same service to a similar sized business with a charge of under $2,000.

The retailer paying the lower fee is used by the software company tin their marketing.  Only those who know that this retailer gets a substantial discount on support fees would wonder if this is compensation for endorsing the software.

Here at Tower Systems, our support fees are published on our website.  The only exception is where a business case is made and accepted for short term relief in terms of the support fee payable.  We will happily help those in need of financial assistance.

We do not pay for people to say good words about us.  We want referrals to be genuine and for the greater good of the user community and not because there is a financial benefit.

We accept our ethical and social responsibilities for fair, honest and transparent treatment of all of our customers.