Tower Systems has published new and comprehensive advice on the proper arrival of inventory data into any retail business using our Point of Sale software.

This new advice, contained in Advice Sheet G60 now available from our website, is designed to help retailers get inventory data right from the outset, when stock is brought into the business.

Accurate inventory data is vital to extracting value from data managed using your Point of Sale system.  Ensuring that all employees engaging in arriving stock are fully aware of this new advice is essential to the health and success of the business.

The new advice sheet is further evidence of the commitment of Tower Systems to continually improve the documentation of our system and to enhance the value which can be gained from professional and proper engagement with our software.

Retailers who are part of the Tower AdvantageTM support program have free and easy access to this new advice sheet and other advice sheet.

This advice sheet is part of a broader suite of advice sheets and training videos on inventory management.