New Years are the traditional time for resolutions.  July 1 is a good time for business resolutions, commitments we make to our business for the coming year.  The best resolutions are those which are aspirational, which we have to stretch ourselves and our business to achieve.

Here is a list of retail business resolutions from which retailers could choose.  We have created this list based on success we have seen among the retail community using our Point of Sale software:

  1. Switch to using full stock control.  I.E. using the computer system to generate all orders.
  2. Respecting business data with the same care and attention with which cash is treated.
  3. Implementing at least one part of the software which is completely new to the business.
  4. Participating in at least six online training workshops for your Point of Sale software.
  5. Using theft tracking tools in the software to watch for opportunities to stop theft before it becomes too expensive.
  6. Setting aside at least fifteen minutes each week to review business performance data and consider decisions which are guided by the data.

Each of these tasks (or opportunities) could result in significant benefits for the business.  They can be accessed by retailers using our software without them spending any additional money on the software.  This makes them ideal resolutions as engaging only costs a small amount of time and no capital outlay.

We would be thrilled to help our customers engage in any of these resolutions.