We received a call from a newsagent using another software package today asking for help with a serious problem which they reported to their software company as urgent over the weekend.  Despite several follow up calls they had not received a returned call.  They wanted our help in getting their software company to respond.

Sadly, we hear of this all too often – users waiting more than a few hours for a return call.

Our commitment to timely and professional attention to customer support queries is at the heart of our customer service focus.

Two days is too long to wait for a return call or an urgent support query.  One day is too long.  If the call is urgent, even a few hours is too long to wait.

Retailers paying good money for the provision of support services deserve the courtesy timely and professional attention.  The newsagent we heard from today had waited too long. While we may benefit by winning their business, it should not have come to this.  This software specific query should have been responded to in a timely manner and their business proceed with less disruption.  Their query was genuine and could only be answered by those with knowledge of their particular software.

Poor customer service like this gives all software companies a bad name.