book-sale-ad.jpgWe have a range of coupons available for use by retailers using our Point of Sale software, coupons such as this one promoting a Book Clearance Sale.  These coupons are freely accessible from our website and can be served to customers on receipts.  We pioneered the auto serving of graphical coupons on receipts in our marketplaces, providing our retail partners with a new and free advertising medium with which to drive sales in their businesses.  Our in-house creative team develops collateral which is added to our website for all customers to access.

This free advertising medium is being used successfully by some of retailers to drive genuinely measurable incremental business and we are thrilled with that.

The Book Clearance Sale opportunity is timely given the closure of Borders and many of the Angus and Robertson stores, enabling some of our retail partners to achieve additional revenue from the book category.