We have offered loyalty marketing facilities in our Point of Sale software for many years. It is a core offer and valuable in any retail situation.

As our customers have seen, we regularly enhance the loyalty facilities, to evolve the offer so that our retail partners can continue to evolve the offers which they themselves pitch to their customers.

Using our the loyalty facilities in our Point of Sale software, our customers are able to do the basic like accrue points through to the sophisticated, assessing the genuine value of the basket of loyal shoppers and determining how best to leverage this.

We help small business retailers compete with the big end of town by efficiently running a professional and value-based loyalty program. We back up our wonderful software facilities with training and advice. We also offer a loyalty card design and production service – to further enhance our support for Loyalty Marketing.

A good loyalty program can be used by a small or independent retailer to show that they are competitive against a much bigger retailer. The key is to do this in a way which is commercially valuable for the business and not draining in terms of business overhead. Our advice and assistance in campaign development and execution can help retailers ensure that they get the setup and management right.

As retailers ourselves we have practical and diverse experience in loyalty programs. This is what has helped us create a highly competitive and valued loyalty marketing offer. It has helped us create a genuine Tower AdvantageTM. This is an advantage which we unashamedly leverage for our retail customers.

Retailers in multiple retail channels – newsagents, jewellers, gift shops, homewares shops, garden centres, bike shops – use our Point of sale software and our loyalty marketing and management facilities to guide and drive greater customer engagement and success for their businesses. These is synergy between these various retail channels, knowledge from each helps what we deliver for the others.
Watch for more enhancements to our loyalty facilities later this year.

Tower Systems serves well over two thousand small and independent retailers in Australia, New Zealand and several other countries with Point of Sale software which reaches from the sales counter to the back office to the trade show floor to home. Retailers love the Tower Systems software for its flexibility, ease of use and terrific support.