While there is plenty of doom and gloom in the press about retail, we are terrific enjoying growth in installations of our Gift Shop Software.  This is due in part to new store openings. While some of these new stores are first time businesses, others are second or third locations for existing businesses. This is quite exciting, seeing a business model expand from one store to multiple outlets.

Our Gift Shop Software works with these connected small network of retail outlets, enabling easy sharing of data and inventory. Our Point of Sale software is also a useful way of encoding business rules and keeping a watchful eye over the additional locations given that the owners cannot be everywhere at once.

The expansion among our gift shop customer base is welcome and appreciated. We like the gift shop retail channel as it provides quality giftware in local retail situations. This is good for local communities and good for the families which derive economic support from the local businesses.

There is also excellent synergy between our gift shop, homewares, garden centre and newsagency business … and we leverage this to our advantage.

The expansion of gift shops which we are seeing is good news not only for us but for the broader gift shop channel.