Value is important in choosing Point of sale software for your business for without delivering genuine value what is the point of the investment in this technology.

A good Point of sale software package will deliver value in a range of ways which are vital to any type of retail business.

The key is the ease of unlocking this value. For example, while any system can scan sales and thereby save time and reduce mistakes, how fast is one system compared to another? This is where a value assessment is important.

A retail management system which is slow, cumbersome or requires considerably more keystrokes in processing a sale is less valuable than a system which is fast, intuitive and requires fewer keystrokes.

So, a key aspect in assessing the value of a computer system for a retail business is all about efficiency of processes.

Software companies and computer sales people without a good value proposition will try and steer a sales prospect away from careful comparison with other systems. They will fear what such a comparison will expose about their offer versus the offer of others. This should be a warning sign.

Consider two Point of Sale systems serving the same marketplace and offering similar overall facilities. A retailer who recently switched from one system to another found considerable differences:

  1. The new system saved between four and six hours a week. These were rostered hours, hours for which the business was paying employees to undertake specific tasks.
  2. The new system is proactively guiding business decisions whereas the old system has to be encouraged to get to this point.
  3. The new system provided fast and easy comparison of suppliers in various product categories whereas the old system made such comparison time consuming.
  4. The new system provided easier access to electronic invoices whereas the old system did not connect with the same number of suppliers.
  5. The user had control over enhancing the new system with software updates whereas the old system was updated outside of the users control and this was found to cost the business lost productivity.

This is just one example of a comparison between two computer systems. There are plenty of others.

The key to comparing value is to see systems compared next to each other. A good, open and confident software company will agree to this. Indeed, they will suggest it. A company which rejects such a suggestion may well have something to hide.

Of course, market share can explain this too. There is usually a reason one software company has more customers in a marketplace than another. The reason is probably the value it delivers and therefore the word of mouth among its users.

The value of Point of Sale software is important when considering the system which is right for your retail business. Take your time, compare thoroughly and ensure that the choice you make is because of value … this is far more important than price.