Thanks to our Jeweller Software, jewellers are able to track sales commission earned by employee.  In higher end jewellery businesses this is an important feature as a good sales person can be very important to the business and needs to be rewarded appropriately.

Tacking employee commission is just one area where our Jeweller Software helps jewellers to develop and grow their businesses.  Supporting the metric of sales by employees is tracking and management of sales by product category and sub category, supplier and time of day.  These and other performance tracking measures in our jeweller software help the modern jeweller manager to run a more successful business.

Empowering employees on the retail shop floor is vital in today’s retail landscape.  It is how retailers can separate their businesses from other businesses and drive sales growth as a result.

Our Point of Sale software offers a range of facilities, tools and reports which support retail sales employee engagement.  It’s a reason our software comes so highly recommended.