Help Desk support is very important to your Point of Sale software experience, especially for small and independent retail businesses.

Talk to any small business user of POS software and ask them about the important of accessible, understandable and knowledgeable help desk support and I am sure that they will tell you it is the key factor in their enjoyment of the software they are using.

Great software with lousy support will be hated.

Average software with excellent support will be loved.

The ideal is great software based by terrific Help Desk support. This is when the planets align and in your software choice you not only have a product which is ideal for your business but this software is backed with customer service and support attention which is ideal to your type of business.

Good Help Desk support is support which is:

  1. Timely. When you need it, it is there. This could be 24 hours a day, evening or weekends. It all depends on your marketplace.
  2. Friendly. When you call, you are greeted as a partner and not a chore and that the conversation moves forward on the reason for the call rather than what you may have done wrong.
  3. Knowledgeable. The person you speak with either knows what you are talking about or quickly works this out.
  4. Professional. The Help Desk is backed with appropriate resources to enable to tracking and recording of your assistance request.
  5. Value adding. In the call or other contact you encounter or discover additional information or insights which enhance your software experience.
  6. Self accessible. Available in a self serve type of way. This could be through a forum, advice sheets or some other mechanism through which you can find answers to your own questions.
  7. Understandable. It is important that you are speaking with someone who understand what you are saying. This could be a factor where help desk services are shipped off shore. Try talking about a local retail business customer with someone in India or China.

Customer service or support is a soft target when users are discussing their software provider. Often, their opinion is reflective of their last contact only. It could be that the reason for the contact was not the responsibility of the software company. This could lead to unfair negative comments. It is a reason software companies need to go the extra mile in delivering the best possible experience every time.

Help Desk support is vitally important to the Point of Sale software user experience. It goes to the heart of the value unlocked by the software and the benefits achieved by the business through the use of the software.

Software companies which get this right grow and prosper. Those which do not, fade and are left to use price as their only point of difference.