The new Nursery and Garden Centre Software launched by Tower Systems just a few months ago has taken off in the retail nursery and garden centre channel in Australia.

Now installed in Garden Centres of varying sizes in several states and with a range of specialist needs, we are showing what our software is capable in this retail channel.

The feedback from the Garden Centres which have installed the software so far has been terrific and helpful in guiding enhancements to further strengthen the business management and marketing offer available through our software. There is good diversity in this pool and that is most helpful at this stage of our journey in a new channel.

We are also finding good synergy between the needs of Nursery and Garden Centre businesses and our other specialist retail channels. Besides them all being small and independent retail businesses, there are some functional facilities which unexpectedly match.

In the area of EDI, electronic invoices, we are finding particularly useful synergy. For example, some newsagents are evolving their businesses into areas already served by suppliers to Garden Centres. Our work with Garden Centre suppliers is preparing us for this.

We are enjoying this new marketplace and appreciate the warm welcome we have been given.