With well over 2,000 retailers using our Point of Sale software, we are well positioned to hear about challenges with a barcode on a product.  We often hear about a challenged barcode when a user calls through to our Help Desk.

While barcode printing on retail products is not our problem, we get involved as it is easier for us to navigate this with product manufacturers than a single retail business.

So, we get the problematic barcode and research it using a variety of scanners.  Once we are sure that there is a production problem of some sort we take it to the product manufacturer and present our evidence.

In most cases they respond favorably and fix what needs to be fixed.   They appreciate the research we have done and the evidence presented.  There is no doubt that backing a claim with solid evidence and details of the tests undertaken helps build a strong case.

As a software supplier to a large retail community we get pulled into many situations outside our software.  We are happy to engage at a national level if we can help improve the enjoyment and benefits our retail customers access through their use of our software.

Our most recent barcode work was earlier this week. The outcome will be a review of production by the product manufacturer.