We have been working with News Limited for years now on their national newsagent IT project. While the direction of the project has changed as the needs of News and their partner newsagents have changed direction several times, we appear to be close to certainty on the direction for the next suite of newsagency software enhancements.

While we do not formally represent newsagents in these discussions, we try to ensure that newsagent needs are appropriately represented.

Since we serve in excess of 1,700 newsagents using our newsagency software every day and since we have regular contact with many of these users, we have a good idea of what is important to them in terms of operational efficiency in dealing with newspaper publishers.

In addition to our work with News Limited on the national project, we are engaged at the local News Limited office level on local opportunities for better connecting them with newsagents. Again at this level we try and ensure that changes being requested by News are operationally fair and cost neutral for our large newsagent customer base.

Our market share requires us to take on more responsibility than other newsagent software companies. We do this with care and a commitment to serve newsagents first. This has been our commitment for more than thirty years.