This is our last free weekend for a couple of months as trade show season starts next weekend.

We will have our Point of Sale software on show at trade shows across Australia and New Zealand over the next eight weeks including several weekends with multiple trade shows and industry events.

At each of the events we will represent Tower Systems through technical, sales and management people.  The commitment through each of these key parts of our business to trade show representation demonstrates our accessibility and transparency to our customers as well as to sales prospects.

All too often software companies load their trade show stands with just sales people or just geeks.  By having technical support, sales and management people available we take a more whole of company approach to showing off the tower AdvantageTM.

We treat each trade show differently, considering the marketplace it serves as well as the geographic location it serves.  We recognise that there are differences in businesses based on these factors.  By serving these differences we also show off our commitment to local and specialist engagement.

Next weekend we kick off with the GNS Market fair is Perth for newsagents.  It is shaping up as a good start to our busy trade show season.