Tower Systems is an Australian software company developing Point of Sale Software for the Australian and New Zealand retail marketplace.  We currently serve close to 2,500 retailers in a number of specialist retail channels.

Local software companies are more likely to be able to serve the needs of local retailers.  While readers here might expect us to say this, our experience working with retailers over many years bears it out.

Generic POS software and overseas sourced POS software often misses business enhancing facilities, making them less financially rewarding for retailers.

Indeed, our experience in replacing many Point of Sale systems over the years indicates that local and generic systems are less valuable to retail businesses with specialist needs.  This is why we invest co considerable time in understanding the needs of the retail marketplaces in which we serve.  It is also why we continue to evolve our software to meet the evolving needs of these marketplaces.

Australian Point of Sale software is not only good for the Australian retail businesses which purchase this, it is also good for the Australian economy.