It’s true. You can motivate retail employees through Point of Sale software. It has to be good Point of Sale software and you have to engage with facilities in the right way to get your employees working with and for the business in a more creative and valuable way.

The key is to be more open with business performance information.

Too many retailers keep secrets. They don’t want to let employees know how the business or parts of the business are performing for fear that this will make the employees think they are rich.

It is important that for every piece of income information you share, also share expenses information. This provides for a balance. Showing how the income is spent in the business can help employees better understand how what they do within the business impacts on the business.

So, on to how you can use Point of Sale software to motivate employees:

  1. Let employees see how they are performing compared to others. Presented in the right way and in a supportive environment, this can motivate employees to achieve more. Good Point of Sale software will let you track sales by employees. Further, you could track gross profit.
  2. Let employees see the economic value they bring to the business. Presented in the context of overall business performance and costs, this information can help employees want to list the business and therefore strengthen their future.
  3. Make regular, often performed and mundane tasks easier. Tasks such as pricing new inventory, ordering replacement inventory and even processing a sale. Embrace your POS software as much as possible to ensure maximum benefit accessed for the business.
  4. Train employees on reporting tools and how they can be used to make business decisions. Done properly, this can give employees a greater sense of ownership over decisions they make and help drive their accountability.
  5. Set goals and use the Point of Sale software to track the performance of the business and employees in reaching toward the goals.

There are plenty of other ways Point of Sale software can be used in retail businesses to motivate employees. The key with all of these is engagement. Using POS software as a glorified cash register is a waste of time and money. Being serious in your use of the software and making the most of it by learning and embracing it can make an average business great.

Tower Systems provides excellent facilities for motivating, managing and tracing employees in retail businesses using its Point of Sale software.