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New Repairs Software Embraced by Jewellers and Bike Retailers

Jewellers and Bike retailers have common needs in managing customer repairs in their respective businesses. We discovered just how much in common they had when we researched the re-write of the repairs facilities in our Point of Sale software.

Our new repairs management software is packed with business tracking, customer serving and performance reporting tools. Enabling both jewellers and bike retailers to take control over the repairs operation in their businesses.

Our new repairs software is not an end result. Indeed, it is another step in our process of constant improvement of our business software. We anticipate enhancing the repairs software as we get more feedback from our customer base.


New POS Software Online Training Opportunities Now Available

onlinetraining.jpgWe have loaded more Online Training opportunities at the online training portal for users of our Point of Sale software.

We are only listing workshops up to mid September because of enhancements we are making to the training program and the structure of the curriculum.

The new curriculum should be out by the end of next week.  It will include new content which reflects customer feedback.

Access to our online training workshops is free for Tower AdvantageTM customers.


Stalkers at Trade Shows

We love trade shows and meeting with existing customers and meeting with prospective customers. One aspect of trade shows which bemuses us is the stalking by competition, one competitor in particular. Owners and employees of this company in the newsagency space have been more interested in stalking our stand, at several shows recently, than spending time on their own stand. We notice them and wonder why they like hovering so near to us.  It is disconcerting when one of their current customers is discussing upgrading to our software.


Adding Value to the POS Software Customer Experience

We have a range of ways we add value to the Point of Sale software customer experience … beyond what POS software customers expect.

In addition to our four weekly free online training workshops, excellent mix of training videos, wonderful kit of advice sheets and helpful and accessible Help Desk team, we have added new roles to our support mix.

The latest role we have created is that of Post Installation Manager. This new role separates out from the Help Desk the responsibility of settling new customers and transitioning them to a level of knowledge which is consistent with more experienced customers.

Investing in such a specialist role demonstrates our commitment to excellent customer service. While we have always helped new customers, this has been done as part of the overall Help Desk function.

Separating it helps our new customers as well as our existing customers. It’s a genuine win win.

There are tasks being completed within this new role which will further add value for Tower Systems customers, delivering services and benefits which go beyond the traditional.

All of this is being done without any increase in support fees.

By delivering a customer service experience which is fresh, valued and constantly improving we continue to grow our customer base.


New Stock Files Now Available

We have tested and loaded new stock files for three greeting card companies: Hallmark, John Sands and Henderson.  These are available from the downloads area of our website.


Great First Day of JAA Jewellery Fair

jaashow.JPGThe first day of the JAA Trade Show in Sydney yesterday was excellent for us – in terms of meeting with existing customers as well as meeting prospective users of our Jeweller software.

Our stand was busy throughout the day. It looks like the rest of the show will follow this pattern.

This is a very busy fair with plenty of jewellers attending from right around Australia, New Zealand and some other Asia / Pacific countries.

We have the very latest release of our Jewellers software on show at the event, enabling us to get valuable customer feedback on the latest changes we have made.

Our Jeweller software continues to evolve to meet the evolving needs of Jewellers at their sales counters through to their back rooms.


Accessible Help Desk Support Vital to Software Success

A key reason given for retailers switching to our Point of Sale software is disappointment and frustration with the Help Desk service backing up their system.

To many retailers, easy access to friendly, knowledgeable and training is vital to their customer service experience.  We agree and have configured our business around this.

Our own research indicates that our customer service commitment is a key factor in our growth and market share position. Instead of resting on our laurels, we work hard to improve beyond our own benchmark.

Delivering on the customer service commitment day in day out is mission critical to us. It is why we resource the various customer contact points in our company to be able to deliver on our promises and our own benchmark.

We are very lucky to have a company full of people who share this customer service commitment.


At Ancol Trade Expo in Adelaide Today

trade-ancol.JPGWe are participating in the Ancol Trade Expo for Newsagents in Adelaide today – demonstrating the latest version of our newsagency software for newspaper distribution and home delivery as well as newsagency retail.

With almost 150 South Australian newsagents already using our software we expect the day to be as much about greeting existing customers as it will be for inviting others to join our strong user community.

Our stand will have sales as well as support representation.


Point of Sale Software Training Workshops This Week

We are proud to be hosting another four live and free online training workshops for retailers using our Point of Sale software this week. Each training session is timely and will add genuine value to what participants can get out of our POS software – there is plenty of time for questions too. Here are the four workshops on offer:

  1. Importing Stock Files & Invoices 30 Aug 2011, 11:00AM
  2. Laybys 30 Aug 2011, 02:00PM
  3. Magazine Management 1 Sep 2011, 11:00AM
  4. Marketing Your Business 1 Sep 2011, 02:00PM

Online training is a wonderful way to learn more about our software. The result is improved productivity and better business outcomes.Bookings can be made at our online training portal.

Our continuing and consistent online training program is in addition to an excellent range of advice sheets and other training opportunities provided to users of our Point of Sale software.


Toll Free Support for New Zealand Point of Sale Software Customers

Retailers in New Zealand using our Point of Sale software have access to a toll free support number: 0800 444 367. This number is connected with multiple lines – ensuring easy access to one of our customer service specialists.

The toll free line is staffed between 9am and 7pm NZ time. Outside these hours mobile phone coverage is available for POS Software support.


Racking up Frequent Flyer Miles

Our installation team is crazy busy at the moment, flying all over the place. In an average week for us we have six people out and away from home installing our Point of Sale software, usually a flight away from home, working with new customers.

We are very lucky to have such a dedicated and professional team of installation and training experts working for us and representing our Point of Sale software. They are our front line in working with new customers, installing their systems and training them in the use of our software.

This team of experts straddle technology, business and personalities … helping people with varied backgrounds to learn our software and get the most of their investment with and faith in us.

That our team does this while so far away from home week in week out is wonderful. We are grateful, tremendously grateful to this team and the work they do … with a cheerfulness which does Tower Systems proud.

You could not ask for a better more professional and helpful team to install your point of Sale systems than the Tower Systems team!

We love them!


Newspaper Delivery Fee Advice for Newsagents

We have published advice for newsagents using our newspaper home delivery software on handling the deliver fee changes announced for The Age and set to take effect in just over a week’s time.  Our tested and approved advice can be found in Advice Sheet N23.4 on our website.


The Point of Sale Software Front Line

When you call Tower Systems you get to speak with a human. That’s right, we don’t have an automate phone system which asks you to punch in a bunch of numbers to get you to a queue. No, our phones are answered by humans.

Tash and Jo are the people most likely to answer a call from someone using our Point of Sale software. They cheerfully answer the call and get it to the best person in the company for handing the query – development, sales, admin or support.

We deliberately do not have Help Desk or Programmers as our front line, answering the phones.  Having two receptionists is necessary for us given our customer base.

Tash and Jo also deal with some support queries for which they know we have answers in our website resource kit. They also manage our busy mail and shipping requirements.

We are very lucky to have two such friendly, cheerful and professional people as our front line … they show off the Tower Systems difference every day on the phone.


Ancol Trade Expo in Adelaide This Sunday

We are thrilled to be participating in the Ancol Trade Expo for newsagents in Adelaide this Sunday (August 28) at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre.  Running from 11am through to 5pm, the Trade Expo is set to be a busy day for us and other newsagent suppliers.

Our newsagency software will be represented by sales as well as customer service people on the day.  With so many existing newsagency customers in South Australia it is important that we take the opportunity to show off our customer service point of difference.

We will have the new HP Point of Sale terminal on show along with the latest newsagency software and a host of other offers with which to excite distribution and retail newsagents.


Spring Sale for Jeweller Software in Time for JAA Trade Show

jeweller-software-sale.jpgWe have just announced a Spring Sale for our Jeweller Software to coincide with the launch of the JAA International Jewellery Fair in Sydney starting this Sunday.

Running until September 30, 2011, this sale offers jewellers our jeweller specific software in a package deal which saves 33% over the usual price for each of the components. this is software which jelps jewellers run their businesses from the sales counter through the workshop and to the office.  I manages inventory, connects with suppliers, rewards customers, manages employees and provides access to terrific business performance data.

With hundreds of jewellers already using our software in Australia and New Zealand, the usefulness of what we offer is well established.  We back our software with jeweller specific training, software updates and support.


At Green Expo Sydney

greenexpo.JPGHere is our stand at the Green Expo garden centre / nursery trade show in Sydney which ends later today.

We are having a terrific time at this trade show, meeting plenty of positive retailers and suppliers … learning heaps.

It is a thrill to see the cross over between retail niches – just as we have been seeing at other trade shows.

We are right in the middle of one of our busiest trade show seasons ever.  Even though it’s tiring, we are loving it.


Appreciating Point of Sale Software Support at 4am

A retailer using our software recently found that their computer system was not working at 4am when they came into the business to get started for the day. One of their team had installed some new software unrelated to our Point of Sale software the night before and had inadvertently impacted on our software. After ten minutes on the phone they were up and running.

Our customer was thrilled not only that the problem was fixed immediately but that this was done without complaint or criticism that they had allowed the computer to be changed by another program impacting on our software.

We are very lucky to have people on our customer service team who care about our customers. The team member who took this call did Tower Systems proud, helping fix a problem not of our doing and which we could have rejected.

We really to have the best support people working here!


Newsagent Saves $34,000 in a Year

A newsagent who recently switched to our newsagency software has advised us that as a result of the switch and the new operational practices we have introduced, they have cut their wages bill. The cut will result in savings of $34,000 savings in the first year.

This $34,000 saving is just from the magazine management area of the business. There are plenty of other saving opportunities from using other parts of our software.

We have built a labour-efficient magazine management facility. We back this with high quality training which focuses on commercial outcomes. The result for our newsagent customers is a reduction in labour costs, such as those reported here.

With more than 1,700 newsagents using our software we have close to three times more newsagents as customers than other software. The time savings that the proper use of our software deliver are one reason for our tremendous market share.


How to Choose Point of Sale Software for Your Business

We are updating our advice on how to choose the right point of sale software for your business. This refreshed document will reflect the latest innovation in POS Software and contain excellent advice which could be used by any retail business in and retail situation.

We welcome competitive comparison which is based on the facts of what a POS software package can deliver for a business and the services and resources from the software company which back up and support the use of the software.

Choosing the right software for you retail business is a big decision. Once which requires time and careful analysis.

Here at Tower Systems we welcome the opportunity to be compared and considered. Hence the practical advice we have just refreshed.


At the Green Expo Trade Show!

01_rbp850curlfreex1.jpgWe are thrilled to be at the Green Expo trade show in Sydney starting from today.

Over the next two days we are getting to meet garden centre and nursery owners and managers to talk about our new software and to learn more about this wonderful retail channel.

Our first few months of involvement with garden centres and nurseries has been excellent not only in terms of the people we have met but what we have learnt about retail which applies across all the channels with which we deal.

Our stand at the Green Expo is showing off our latest software and is being staffed by three of our sales specialists.

We are also showing off our industrial strength printer which is ideal for the large volume of weather proof labels garden centres and nurseries produce.


Loving Garden Centres and Garden Centre / Nursery Software

gardensoftware.jpgWe have been working with Garden Centres and Nurseries for just on a year now, taking baby steps into what is a new marketplace for us.

We are loving working with Garden Centres and the people who work in these businesses. We are learning plenty not only about their particular retail channel but retailing in general. There is a real difference in selling something which the customer nurtures and grows as opposed to something a customer wears or reads or rides or eats off.

In particular we are enjoying learning more about great customer service, passion for what you sell and excellent after sales service. These are all hallmarks of good Garden Centres and Nurseries.

Our work with Garden Centres has resulted in software changes which are benefiting newsagents, gift shops and other retailers we work with. Some changes have been delivered in our software already.

We love learning from retailers and discovering new opportunities for helping our customers improve their retail businesses.

Our new garden centre software will be on show today and tomorrow at the Green Expo, Rosehill Gardens Exhibition Centre in Sydney. We will be represented at the show by our sales team as well as technical specialists … we are really looking forward to this event.


Structured Process Works for Expanding the Help Desk Team

We have added two people to our Help Desk over the last couple of months.  Customer feedback on call quality and completeness indicates that the slow and comprehensive induction and training process we follow pays off.

While both had good technical skills, they had not worked in our specific marketplaces.  This is where taking time with training is essential.

Both Jeremy and Randolph are welcome additions to our customer service team.


New POS Software User Training Curriculum in Development

We are developing a new online training curriculum for retailers using our Point of Sale software.  In addition to offering popular training workshops from our previous mix, we are adding new material based on customer feedback and our own knowledge of enhancements which would be appreciated.

We plan to announce the next term of online training later this week.


Helping Bike Retailers Value Customers

With more than 180 bike retailers now using our specialist bike shop software, we have an excellent pool of knowledge and experience on which to draw. We use this to help bike retailers get the most from their software.

One of the core benefits we focus on with our bike shop software customers is customer service. It is through exceptional, personal and knowledgeable customer service that bike retailers are able to leverage someone purchasing a bike for the lifetime opportunity which flows from that initial purchase.

Using the customer management and loyalty marketing facilities in our bike shop software, bike retailers are able to deliver and gain value in a genuinely mutually beneficial relationship.

Beyond the software facilities, we provide advice and assistance to our bike shop customers so that they can access these benefits and drive excellent value from their customer relationships.

Our commitment to bike retailers was on show in Melbourne this weekend at the Ausbike trade show.


Tower Systems to Undertake Third Round of Customer Service Quality Checks This Week

The third round of outbound Help Desk call quality and satisfaction checks will be undertaken this week.  Once completed, these calls will give us feedback from close to four hundred customers about the quality and helpfulness of recent calls to our Help Desk.

The data collected from the calls is helping us measure our performance and discover ways we can even further improve the tower systems customer experience.

In addition to collecting valuable business performance data, the calls are further evidence of our commitment to professional customer service.

Many software companies monitor calls by recording them.  We prefer to check in with customers after the call to see if our advice helped and if the experience was a happy one.

While the sales pitch of computer software companies often talks about software differences, it is often the difference in customer service which matters.  Here at Tower Systems we focus on both: excellent software backed by friendly and helpful customer service. 

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