Retailers are well advised to make careful and honest use of their Point of Sale software following reports of Tax Office interest in how some software packages could be used to commit fraud against the commonwealth.

We do not support, encourage or help retailers using our software to act illegally.

Any software company, retailers or other party engaged in tax fraud using software will ultimately be found out.  The work being done by a variety of government agencies in this area is considerable.

So, we share here today a warning: make honest use of your POS software.  Use intended to defraud the government will hurt the business.

In the 1990s we were asked for advice by several agencies of the federal government which were investigating the use of retail software from another company.  We saw from that investigation that they take using software as a tool of fraud seriously.

The other aspect of this which is important for retailers to understand is that how you use your software will be a lesson to your employees.  Use your software to defraud the government and expect your employees to do the same to you.