When our retail Point of Sale software customers ask us for our preferred integrated Eftpos solution we say Tyro. Having worked with both organisations and each service, we find, from our personal experience, Tyro  superior on a range of fronts:

  1. Tyro is faster and easier to setup. It takes just a few minutes of our time whereas PC Eftpos can take a few hours depending on the bank being connected with.
  2. Tyro is easier to navigate if there are operational problems. Getting to the right person and achieving ownership of a problem is straightforward. Our experience is that it is quite a different experience with PC Eftpos.
  3. Reconciliation is easier.
  4. Enhancements flow more easily.
  5. Operational problems are more easily investigated and resolved with Tyro than PC Eftpos. This is important in retail – every minute that Eftpos is down at the counter increases the risk of lost sales.

While our Point of Sale software links with multiple payment gateways, Tyro is our recommendation based on experience with over 500 retailers in this specific area of need among our retail user community.