We are pleased to announce that we have just loaded four new Advice Sheets to our website significantly enhancing the training, advice and support around end of shift processes for retailers using our Point of Sale software.

The advice has been broken down into four separate sheets as each is a discrete topic area and will be often accessed just for that information. This makes learning easier and the specialist advice more accessible.

It has taken considerable time to write, test and revise these Advice Sheets, to ensure that they deliver the best possible practical experience to our customers.

The new advice sheets are:

  • G61 – Till and Float Setup
  • G62.01 – EOS Setup
  • G62.02 – EOS Procedure
  • G62.03 – EOS Reports

Access to these Advice Sheets is available from our website. Their publication is further evidence of our investment in enhancing the range of support services available to our customers.

Publishing four Advice Sheets at once also demonstrates our commitment to addressing aspects of our software in a cohesive, structured and comprehensive way. Too often we see software companies take a haphazard approach to documentation.

The four new Advice Sheets join more than two hundred such Advice Sheets documenting the use of our Point of Sale software.

Access to the Advice Sheets is free for Tower Advantage TM customers.

Watch for more new Advice Sheet announcements from Tower Systems soon.