Software company help desks tend to operate in reaction mode, responding only to inbound calls for assistance. While this is okay, it is not what we strive for here at Tower Systems in serving retailers using our Point of Sale software.

When time permits we make outbound calls to the retailers using our Point of sale software who have not been in contact for some time. Customers appreciate the contact and often have a question or two to ask, to help them enjoy our software even more.  The benefits to us and our customers from the calls are wonderful.

We resource our business so that we have capacity to make outbound customer service calls, to prove our commitment to a quality and timeliness of service which is unique among Point of Sale software companies.

A bonus from such outbound calls is useful suggestions for our team on how we can improve the software or feedback on other businesses which could benefit from our software.

Our customers tell us that one of the reasons they are happy to take up the optional software support coverage with us is the extra care and attention we pay to our relationship with them.