There is no doubt that we are in an era of consumer focus in retail.  With more choices than ever, including growing online choices, retailers need to fight harder to win and retail customers.  This is where a good loyalty system plays an important part in business growth.

The loyalty facilities in our Point of Sale software have been well established and enhanced over many years.  Indeed they will benefit from further enhancements currently under development.

Using our shopper loyalty facilities, retailers are able to reward their most valuable shoppers while also being able to achieve a closer watch of what all shoppers are purchasing.  This is where our loyalty marketing tools deliver tremendously valuable results to our retail partners.

We back the loyalty facilities in our software with excellent training, helpful user documentation in the form of an Advice Sheet and Help desk based assistance.  This is how we go beyond a software facility and deliver a business solution.

The shopper loyalty facilities in our retail management software are just part of the overall business management tools which our retail partners use to drive efficiency and profit using our software.