Stock is often the most valuable part of any retail business yet retailers often do not know the value of the stock in their businesses.  They leave it to an annual stock take to determine this and even then it is for the accountant and not the business owner.

Using our Point of Sale software, retailers can easily track and manage inventory and thereby know, immediately, the value of their investment in stock.  This is far more efficient and valuable to the business than an end of year stock take.  It is time small and independent retailers managed their stock asset as the big retailers do.

By using the stock control facilities in our Point of Sale software, a retailer is able to:

  • More accurately reorder.
  • Know the value of stock on hand.
  • Identify slow moving items.
  • Identify fast moving items.
  • Track and act on theft.
  • Track and report on stock in a variety of ways.
  • Sell the business thanks to accurate inventory data management.

Retailers who do not track stock with Point of Sale software make their businesses harder to sell, harder to manage and overall less enjoyable.

A good analogy is cash in the bank.  You and your bank track this … because cash is considered to be valuable.  Given the value of stock to the business why not take the same care in managing this?  It makes sense.

Here at Tower Systems we help retailers manage stock and through this unlock more value from it.