We have been working with ACP Magazines on a planned trial for the Sunday on-sale of a range of their titles.  This initiative provides our newsagent customers an opportunity to pull forward sales and make the most of Sunday shoppers who may not be Monday through Friday shoppers in their businesses.

There have been some technical challenges in ensuring that the trial commences seamlessly for our newsagent customers.  Our development and technical teams have been working on this to ensure that our newsagency software customers involved in the trial, all 66 of them, just shy of half of all participants, are supported appropriately through the change.

While we understand that the trial will frustrate some newsagents, we understand the importance of trialling new approaches to distributing and selling magazines.  Some newsagents we have spoken with are keen for the trial as it gives them a competitive advantage in their particular situations.

We are in a unique position with situations such as this trial from ACP as we are newsagents as well as a software company.  This allows us to discuss operational changes with then as a software company and as newsagents.  This is why Tower Systems usually leads on trials.

Being the only newsagency software company owning and operating a newsagency has its advantages.