Tower Systems has invited newsagents to participate in its next newsagency sales benchmark study – covering the third quarter of 2011.  For ease of data analysis and consistency of reporting, participation is open to the more than 1,760 newsagents who use the Tower Systems newsagency software.  We hope to get between 100 and 130 participating again.

  1. Please run your Monthly Sales Comparison report  This is my favourite report in the software).  On the left, select July 1 2011 through September 30, 2011.  On the right select July 1 2010 through September 30, 2010.
  2. Check that the dates are right.
  3. Tick the category box.
  4. Do not tick any box about suppliers.
  5. Once the report is on the screen, save it as a PDF.
  6. Please email the report to

Thanks in advance for participating in what has become an anticipated benchmark study.  The results are useful in comparing your newsagency with others.  They also give us a health check on the channel overall.  We ensure that the dataset includes a good cross section of newsagencies.

With its software being used in close to three times the number of newsagencies than its nearest competitor, tower is well positioned to gather data and provide appropriate resources for this regular study to be undertaken.  We are pleased that it is useful for newsagents and their suppliers.

This is another Tower Systems exclusive.