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Excellent pool of POS software help desk candidates

We have received applications from many candidates interested in our new help desk role and our advertisement has not even been running for a week.  We triage all applications and only keep those from the very best candidates.  We then put these through a pre-interview screening process designed to further cull the candidate pool.

While time consuming, our pre-interview process results in the best quality candidates presenting for interview.  Our goal is to commence interviews late next week.  We anticipate interviewing up to ten candidates for this role.

By taking time in selecting candidates we are able to find those with the most commitment to customer service and affinity with small business retailers.



  1. Based upon the number of blogs you write about hiring help desk employees you must have a lot of staff, or a lot of churn.


  2. John, no, the blog posts are accurate. We are expanding. Right now we have a brand new role on offer. This is in addition to the current roles. I know that this news does not suit a competitor or two but it’s real. We’re having a great year.


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