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Website / Point of Sale Software Integration Innovation Passes QA Process

The innovative integration between e-commerce sites and our Point of Sale software has passed our stringent QA process. Developed to serve multiple platforms and retail channel requirements, our website / POS software bridge is ready for live in-field testing. This is currently being organised.

As with any software innovation, there is the easy way and the hard way to deliver this vital bridge between two retail operations. We have taken the hard round as it delivers a better outcome to our retail partners.

We will be communicating with our trial site partners in the coming days.


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  1. Yayy!!!
    Been hanging out for this!!
    Without this POS/Website integration, keeping the bricks and mortar inventory aligned with the website manually was incredibly difficult. I had resigned myself to the view that I would have to run two inventories. Far from ideal. Happy Tower user! 🙂


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