An important factor in considering purchasing a Point of Sale system is price.  Sometimes the cheapest priced system is the one you want to avoid.  Especially if their price is barely what it would cost to purchase at wholesale the hardware in their quote.

Cheap hardware could be poorer standard.  It could also not come with the level of support to make it useful.  It may not be new.  Corners might be cut elsewhere to enable the company to sell so cheap.

We saw this recently when a competitor offered a system at such a price that they would not make money off the deal – regardless of any claim they make about the Australian dollar and the like.  What was not in writing was their software pricing model.  They factored in that the customer would use the software for several years and would have to pay each year thousands of dollars just to access their own business data.  So, what looked like a cheap deal was not when you took a total cost of ownership view over, say, four years.

Our pricing is public, on our website.  What you see is what you get.  Our transparency on price, commitment to quality hardware and approach to professional and timely support are what win us good business.  We can compete with cheap competitors by focusing on what a sales prospect really wants.

Cheap today is of no value tomorrow without reliable hardware and access to quality support services.

We offer professional Point of Sale software backed by on time, helpful and knowledgable advice.  The value of these things is far greater to a business than saving a few bucks on cheap hardware of questionable quality.