Thanks to our friends at Flexirent we have an buy now and don’t pay until 2012 offer for funding the purchase of our Point of Sale system.

This financing offer is available for deals signed between now and December 15, 2011.

This is a terrific deal for retailers keen to contain cash flow between now and Christmas.  It also helps with longer term cash flow planning … a terrific help to retailers from our experience.

  • Easy paperwork.
  • Better cash flow management.
  • Easier budgeting.
  • Flexibility on handling hardware as it ages.
  • Build in financing for software.
  • Financing for services related to hardware.

Our work with Flexirent makes the approval process quite straightforward as they know our packages and what we deliver.  This is part of their assessment of risk when providing finance.

We have shared information on the lease offer with our customers so that they can make buying decisions in the run up to Christmas.

We have enhanced the Flexirent offer with an offer of our own as part of our pre-Christmas 2011 promotion.  For details of this please speak with one of our Tower sales people.  They have all the information.  It is a deal for Tower AdvantageTM customers.

How our customers finance their systems is ultimately up to them.  We have no requirement.

The Flexirent offer covered in this blog post is one of several finance offers available in addition to finance deals sales prospects negotiate for themselves.