Jewellers using our jeweller software have access to excellent tools for tracking, managing and reducing employee theft and customer theft.  The value of our tools was on show recently when we helped a jeweller discover that they did not have a data problem but indeed had a theft problem.

So, what started as a support call soon became a business assistance call.

Telling a business owner that they have a theft problem and showing them the evidence is challenging.  First there is usually denial.  This is followed by anger.  Then there is often retribution.  Finally, sometime after the shock of the realisation of theft, acceptance sets in and we can start to make some progress.

In addition to helping to solve the crime of employee theft or customer theft, we find ourselves helping theft affected customers to focus their attention on what is best for the business.  We see this as part of our job.  we train our team to do this work professionally and with care.

As we head into the Christmas trading season we are refreshing our training on theft so that our team and our customers are prepared to make the most of the excellent theft management tools in our software.

We have excellent theft tracking, theft reduction and theft management tools in our software – not only for jewellers but other retailers using our Point of Sale software.  These tool have evolved over time and in response to a broad variety of theft situations we have seen in our own retail businesses as well as in customer businesses.

By using the tools we provide and following the advice we offer, a retail business can expect to easily add valuable dollars to their bottom line for quite a small amount of time and money investment.

In the meantime, another jeweller is better equipped to deal with theft having learnt the hard way.