Now is the time retailers want to get the most of Lay-By facilities in our Point of Sale software.

Offering the ability to set business rules and processes, our Lay-By facilities make it easy for retailers of all sizes to manage Lay-Bys in their businesses.

We have retailers managing as few as ten Lay-Bys in a year through to those handling many thousands … all done using the robust and thorough Lay-By facilities included in our Point of Sale software.

Developed in close association with retailers across a variety of retail channels, our Lay-By tools cater to a broad variety of needs.  They certainly go way beyond the ordinary Lay-By facilities you see in some POS software.

We back our Lay-By facilities with excellent advice (advice sheet G31) and support, helping any retailer get the most of the tools in their software, for the maximum advantage of their business.  From setting deposit levels through to tracking goods, knowing how to use our Lay-By software is vital to unlocking the best value available.

When we visit retailers using our software we love to see Lay-By now for Christmas signs, knowing that we are playing a role in this.