We are thrilled to have completed acceptance testing of an EDI link between our Point of Sale software and the IT infrastructure of a major national supplier.  This new link is available  now for access by our customers.

The new EDI link opens our retail partners to a new supplier with a very interesting product mix, a product mix which appeals across several retail channels in which we operate.  It will be of immediate use too some customers and of interest to others who may wish to open an account with the new supplier.

We are pleased to have opened a new supply opportunity for many of our customers with the release of this new EDI link.

Like all EDI links, this has been developed to the standards set by the supplier with which our retail partners will transact.  The quality assurance process was strict and time consuming.  The result is an EDI link our customers can trust and appreciate for the time it will save their businesses.  The link is provided with documentation to ease use and ensure that our customers are able to connect with the supplier with little delay or fuss.

Access to the new EDI link is by way of our latest point of Sale software update.  This is available to all Tower AdvantageTM customers at no additional cost.

Since not all software companies with which we compete have this link we are not publishing details here.  We like the competitive advantage.  Our customers can contact us using the usual channels for details.