The latest update to our newsagency software makes it even easier for newsagents to overcome challenges with some EDI processes.

Looking carefully at mistakes which are made and challenges which are most often encountered at the newsagent end of the EDI link, we have found ways of shielding newsagents from some tasks and thereby helping them to more easily meet newsagent supplier compliance requirements.

We discussed these latest enhancements with supplier representatives prior to making the changes.  We also tested them in our own newsagencies, to be sure that the changes would deliver the benefits we expected when considering them.

Now, as a result of this latest work, we have even better tools available to us to help newsagents recover from errors or problems in transacting with newsagent suppliers by way of industry standards EDI links.

These enhancements are another example of our innovation, going beyond the standard, or average, and delivering innovation for Tower newsagents which shows off the value of partnering with us.

With more than 1,760 newsagents as customers, we take our leadership position in the newsagency channel seriously.