Years ago we lead in our respective marketplaces by launching a live office-based help desk service for our customers in addition to the then well established after-hours service.

Today is like every other Saturday, except for major holidays, we are offering a full service help desk, accessible from local numbers around Australia and in New Zealand.

As we do every so often we have a senior management person in the office checking in on how the service is used.  We feel that it is important that we do understand how all of our business touch points are used so that we can ensure they are appropriately resourced.

Listening to the type of calls coming in today, there is no doubt that office-based support on a Saturday is important to our customers and that it is appreciated.  Being slower than a week day there is time to explore some questions which fall outside what is usually the responsibility of our help desk.

We are pleased to offer our type of Saturday support as a genuine point of difference.