We regularly review the mix of retail businesses in our beta test program.  This keeps the testing process fresh and ensures that our development team is faced with new challenges through this vital test process for our Point of Sale software.

A robust and fresh beta test program is vital to any software product, especially software in the retail space.

Two or three beta test sites are long term (15 to 20 year) customers.  We have a group of mid term (3 to 6 years) and another group of new (up to 1 year) sites in the beta mix as well.  It is these last two groups where we mix things up to bring fresh eyes to the beta test process.

Our beta program is part of a broader Quality Assurance program for each release of our Point of Sale software.  This program ensures that we deliver quality software to retail businesses using our software.  There is no rush, no urgency. The focus, always, is on quality.

We are grateful to the commitment of our beta partners in helping us maintain focus on software quality.

The quality of our software is one factor which attracts retailers to partner with Tower Systems.