A key function in our software for retailers is the tracking of business for the day and reporting numbers for the end of the shift.  Our software manages this well and our training drives consistency among those using it.

We track end of shift numbers here at Tower Systems for help desk call traffic and engagement.  We see this as a vital assessment and management tool for our customer service offering.

Every day, at the end of the day, we look at call traffic, closure rates and other KPIs to understand how business has gone for the day.  The numbers are vital to developing a view of how we have performed in our customer inbound contact.  They are also vital to team management and pursuing the best possible customer service experience for our customers.

The specific numbers are inbound calls, closed calls, closed calls by team members, outstanding issues, feedback from the day.  This data is shared with our senior management team to keep them abreast of our customer service performance.  This data is laid against regular outbound after the event call quality checks as we undersea d it is one thing to close calls and another to answer questions to the satisfaction of the caller.

A structured of end of day, analysing numbers, for a help desk is the mark of a professional customer service organisation in our view.  It shows that we take our role seriously and invest time and money in measuring our performance.  This end of shift data analysis of call traffic numbers, coupled with our outbound calls to customers to assess call quality and usefulness, if evidence of our Tower AdvantageTM in action.