The loyalty facilities in our Point of Sale software are helping retailers drive excellent business results.  We know this because they tell us.  Their feedback is terrific.

Through out loyalty facilities we help retailers track sales and accrue points for use by shoppers.

Beyond the mechanics of the sale and tracking results, we help retailers make the most of the opportunity by outlining the broader business benefits of the data accrued by our software.  This is where the real value is in any loyalty system.

We educate our customers on how to achieve a measurable kick in sales – not through tricks or spike generating gimmicks but through genuine shopper engagement.

In addition to excellent loyalty marketing facilities, we offer terrific Gift Card facilities.  These, too, use professionally designed and manufactured gift cards which help drive retail sales.

Beyond the software, beyond the traditional help desk support, tower Systems helps its retail community to leverage business building facilities for the benefit of the business, its employees and its shoppers.

in the photo is a very small selection of the gift and loyalty cards we have helped our retailers develop and implement.