As part of the two day get-together of everyone on our help desk and support teams in Melbourne this week, there was plenty of fun on the go-kart circuit and in playing laser tag.  These activities let these people who work together but from different states and in different roles get to know each other on a non work related level.

The result is better connections between our team members across the states.  This will further enhance communication and customers will benefit as a consequence of this.

In between the go-karting, laser-tagging and meals and drinks, there was plenty of discussion about clients, our software and our processes.  This is where the real work of a couple of days networking is done.

We are glad to have invested the time and money in bringing all of our installation, training and support teams together.  It’s another investment by Tower Systems which defines us.  It underscores our point of difference and refreshes our commitment to this.