We offer a range of facilities in our Point of Sale software to help the offsite (or absent) retail business owner to stay in touch with and leverage control over their retail business.

These retail business management facilities include:

  1. Event reporting by text message or email.  The business owner can tag events to be reported.  This information is provided real time.
  2. End of shift results reporting by text or email, at the time of the end of the shift.
  3. Accessing all of the software facilities remotely, from anywhere in the world.
  4. Accessing business reports provided by the business through our PDF reporting facilities.

These and other facilities make it easier for retail business owners who are not on-site at their businesses to access business data and keep a watchful eye on business operations as reflected in the business data.

We have instances where real-time alerts have resulted in employee theft being caught and the financial impact to the business being capped.