Since partnering with the Australian Sporting Goods Association we have started working with new suppliers on sharing data between retailers and suppliers.  This work leverages our considerable work in the EDI space across a range of marketplaces.

Being able to offer easy access to EDI standards trading around supply, ordering and return of inventory makes it easier to connect retailers and their suppliers.

Given that ASGA suppliers operate across multiple retail channels, we are able to add value to existing customers as well as to those from the new channel opened up for us as a result of the ASGA relationship.

Retailers can receive and quickly process electronic invoices and can send to suppliers sales data as well as electronic orders.

This data exchange can reduce paperwork, streamline supply and strengthen retailer / supplier relationships.  For retailers, a significant benefit can be a reduction in floor and back office stock with no impact on sales.  For suppliers, the benefit can be certainty around orders from retailers.

Tower Systems has implemented such electronic links in several marketplaces with excellent success.  The company can introduce ASGA members to suppliers and retailers already using these facilities to explore how they may benefit the ASGA family.