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The importance of competition among Point of Sale software vendors

We operate in a range of small business retail channels and have competitors in each.  Competition between software companies is good for each retail channel as it keeps the respective software companies focused on delivering better products and backing this with point-of-difference support.

We take our obligation to engage in genuine competition seriously. This means that we reject any invitation to collude on price, functionality or anything which would compromise competition.  Besides being illegal, it would do a disservice to retailers.

We build competitive advantage into our software and into our customer service.  It is important for us to talk about this, to leverage our investment in competitive advantage.  Current and prospective customers benefit from this.

Software companies have nothing to fear from robust competition as long as it is truthful and transparent.  The winners from this are the customers and isn’t that why we are all here?



  1. Interesting you say the reason you are here is to server the customers. Also what banks and other large corps also say, until you scratch the surface and realise they are actually their to server the shareholders and customers are a necessary evil to be exploited for every dollar. Not accusing you of anything, but people tend to raise eyebrows when hearing the ‘were here for the customer’ line.


  2. Jim, I think you mean serve customers.

    The banks have obligations under corporations law to shareholders. Tower Systems is privately owned by one person and is under no obligation re share price etc.

    We have an excellent track record on customer service and social responsibility.

    This post is about the importance of robust competition. It is vital for our current and future customers.

    Thanks for your comment.


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